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  • Driver Assessment in Scotland

Mobility Centre Assessments

Advice and assessments (which may include an assessment of physical ability and eyesight, a cognitive assessment and a practical driving assessment) for drivers with a medical condition or disability that affects their driving ability or who may require adaptations to their vehicle and for carers who need to drive individuals with restricted mobility.

Scottish Driving Assessment Service

Astley Ainslie Hospital
133 Grange Loan
01315 379192

Other Driver Assessments

RoSPA Experienced Driver Assessment

A one hour drive in your own car with a RoSPA Assessor

28 Calthorpe Road
Birmingham B15 1RP
0121 248 2099

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IAM Roadsmart Mature Driver Review

A one hour drive in your own car with an IAM Assessor
Pricing from £49

IAM RoadSmart
1 Albany Place
Hyde Way
Welwyn Garden City AL7 3BT
0300 303 1134

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Destination Drive

Destination Drive is a series of free events unique to Scotland to provide support and encouragement to drivers over the age of 65 years. RoSPA, with partners Dobbies, Police Scotland, Age Scotland and Local Authorities have delivered at local garden centres to improve the confidence and safety of everyone using our roads in the future.

In a friendly relaxed and familiar environment we will help you work out where your driving is now, help you consider the smartest options for your future needs and advice on the best ways to stay mobile and safely in the future.

Assessment drives are available on the day for those keen to assess their current skills and advice where necessary, on how to obtain any necessary coaching to keep driving longer and safer.

Future events for 2019 are being planned.

For more information please contact RoSPA on 0131 449 9379 or email Catherine Johnston at cjohnston@rospa.com